Enterprise 3D Transition Zone Seismic Survey

Location: Otway Basin, Victoria 
Clients: Geokinetics and Origin Energy
Completed: December 2016 – April 2017

Origin Energy contracted Geokinetics to carry out the Enterprise 3D Transition Zone Seismic Survey.  Geokinetics, one of the largest independent international shallow water geophysical service companies in the world, engaged Empress Marine to provide and operate three vessels on this project.

The survey was carried out in shallow waters between Warrnambool and Port Campbell, Victoria.

The transition zone survey utilised ocean bottom nodes (OBN) deployed on the seabed to collect receiver signals. The nodes were deployed and retrieved by two vessels, Prowler for shallow water operations and Business Class for deeper operations.

The source vessel, Black Jack, towing an acoustic source traversed over the area where seabed OBN had been laid.  Sound generated by the source array was then recorded by the receivers laid on the seabed.

After all seismic data had been acquired, the recording vessel then confirmed the data acquisition , the receiver vessel retrieved nodes, downloaded data from nodes then moved to the next section to repeat the process.