• Environmental-Seabird-Survey
    Environmental Seabird Survey
    Seabird surveys have been regularly undertaken as part of the Gorgon Development on Barrow Island. Empress Marine has worked with Pendoley and Astron Environmental Services to monitor the seabird species, numbers and hatchling success on this and adjacent islands.
  • Turtle Hatchling Dispersal Survey
    Since 2004, marine turtle research and monitoring has been undertaken at Barrow Island as part of the Gorgon Gas Development.
  • Project-Polarcus-Banner-1
    Capreolus 3D Survey
    Empress Marine is providing chase vessel support to Polarcus as they undertake this, the largest seismic acquisition ever undertaken in Australian waters.
  • Project-Seabed-Banner
    Seabed Noise Logging
    Empress Marine was contracted to deploy and retrieve noise logging metocean equipment in 2,000 metres of water in the Timor Sea, the North West shelf and the Browse Basin.

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